AKLV - active cake dissolving device

filter cake dissolving device

Automatische Filterpresse - AKLVThe AKLV is a patented system for a fully automatic cleanout of filter press. Athough not only each single chamber will be emptied but also their emptying level will be supervised.








Automatische Kammerfilterpresse AKLV FunktionMode of Operation

The heart of the AFCDD is a special filter cloth. This cloth is mounted to a traverse, which is supported by pneumatic cylinder and springs. An exact adjustment of filter cloth, springs, and kinetic impulses of the pneumatic cylinder result in a fast cleanout of the chambers. In the process the chambers are opened in packets.

The cleanout of the filter press is supervised and secured using a system of light barriers. Filter press with the AFCDD option are working operator less and fully automatically.